The Gift

I find it funny, yet sad, how I see people who were born with a gift and have so much potential, yet they prefer to throw it away. The way that I look at it personally is, like the man who wins the lottery and spends all his winnings on stupid shit, thinking that he will be lucky once more and win the lottery again.

Leave Me The Fuck Alone!

The only thing that I can say today is, that it is fucking funny, how the days that I feel down, are the days when everybody decides to come to me with and for any little shit. Even my stupidvisor at the salt mines. But the way that I look at is, that each day has only 24 hours, so I’ll just do whatever the fuck I can today, because tomorrow will be another day.

I'm Happy For Them

The way that I look at life is, that if a person is happy living a fucked-up life because that’s what that person wants to do, then I’m happy for that person. Why? Because they are happy! Why should I feel sorry for someone who is having the time of their life?

Life Sucks, AND THEN?

I decided that at 50 years old, it was time for me not to take life so fucking seriously. So I came up with my new blog idea. Let me know what you think about it?